A Guide to Different Types Dress Socks For Men

Socks are a powerful accessory, and they are getting trendier day by day. We have more sizes and styles of socks than we ever had in history. Don't forget the variety of material, and new designs and colors keep coming every hour. Socks are challenging to choose, especially if you're new to fashion and just want a decent pair of socks to give a great impression for your next office meeting. 


Well, here's a quick guide to solving this little problem - 


Black no-show dress socks

No-Show Socks or Boat Shoe Socks

No-Show Socks are hidden and cover your foot's base while reaching the start of the ankle. The purpose is to keep the feet warm and shoes clean. The no-show socks are great for making you look like you're not wearing any socks as they only cover the part of your feet inside the shoes. Comfort is a priority here than color or design. No-show socks arose from the naked ankle fashion trend in recent years.

No-show socks work well with casual style. They are great to pair with slip-on shoes or boat shoes and jeans to create a nice casual look. They aren't a good fit for boots or any other high-cut shoes.



White quarter dress socks for men

Quarter Socks

If you don't like having your ankles exposed, you can opt for the quarter socks instead. They are relatively new and are popular for casual or sports purposes. As the name says, they are till your ankles, and they give your feet more freedom than high socks. They are just long enough to cover the ankle, but not so long that they'll reach your calf. These socks offer better coverage than no-show socks and will better protect you against getting blisters on your heels.

Quarter Socks work best with casual style similar to no-show socks.
We do not recommend wearing quarter socks for formal business occasions because some may think it's impolite to expose your calves.

Ankle Socks can also get saggy, which can be annoying, so make sure to change them whenever required. You can wear them in your day to day life, no need to match colors either. They go well with sneakers and sports shoes.


Crew length dress socks that stay up

Crew Socks

Crew socks are perhaps the most popular type of men dress sock, mainly due to the length's comfort and convenience, usually six to eight inches above the shoe line or nine to eleven inches from the heel's bottom.  These socks are designed to provide comfort and hide your ankles when you sit, although they cover part of your calf as well. Crew socks can pair with any closed footwear, from sneakers to Oxfords, to boots. Crew socks are also popular because they can be worn casually or formally. There are all sorts of creative designs and colors for crew socks, which makes them great if you want to add a splash of color to your outfit. They can also get saggy after some use, so you can try Straight Up Socks to overcome the saggy problem.


Gray mid-calf  dress socks

Mid-Calf Socks

Mid-calf socks are slightly longer than crew socks, and they go up to just a few inches beneath the knee. Mid-calf socks were originally designed to help people warm during winter. Today, they are a staple for business attire. Similar to crew socks, there are a plethora of colors and designs for these socks. 


Man with white calf socks for men

Calf Socks

Calf socks are the longest socks of this list, and they go all the way up to just below the knee. Calf socks are not the most popular type of socks as they aren't as convenient and comfortable as the other types. They are good for staying up, as many people are often frustrated with their socks sagging. Wearing socks that stay up is important for many, but the inconvenience of calf socks makes them less popular. If you're frustrated with your dress socks sagging, you can check out our crew length dress socks with Anti-Sag technology. 

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