Dress Socks That Stay Up and Why Yours Can't

Dress Sock Can't Stay Up
Are you tired of dress socks sagging down at the worst moment? We'd ask you to raise your hands if you weren't too busy raising your socks.

The only thing worse than the look of sagging socks is the feeling of wearing them.

Let's start by examining how socks stay up.

Traditionally, two factors keep the sock up: the height and tightness of the sock. Straight Up introduces grip as a third factor.

Sock Length

For traditional dress socks, over-the-calf or full-calf socks stay up better than shorter socks, such as crew or mid-calf lengths. Over-the-calf socks typically rest over the calf and below the knee, so the calf acts as an anchor to prevent the socks from sagging. However, these long socks can be overwhelming, irritating, and restrictive for many people.
Crew vs Over-The Calf

Sock Elastic Tightness

Another factor that keeps socks up is tightness - if a sock hugs your leg tightly, it is less likely to slip down. Socks will start to sag when the elastic materials inside the cuff wear out. This happens to almost all socks eventually but occurs more quickly in low-quality socks. Unfortunately, even a tight sock can still sag because the calf is shaped like a funnel. The sock cuff will naturally gravitate towards the ankle, where there is less resistance. Relying on tightness to keep socks up can also be uncomfortable if they are so tight that they become restrictive.

How We Keep Socks Staying Up

Straight Up offers another way to keep socks staying up and looking neat using grippy silicone. We discovered that the best method to keep socks up without the discomfort of length or tightness is to utilize unobtrusive silicone strips to grip on to your calf gently. The friction between the sock and your skin created by the silicone strips can comfortably keep our socks staying up all day long. We call this the Anti-Sag design.
Straight Up Dress Socks That Stay Up
With the Anti-Sag design, we created crew length dress socks that stay up even better than over-the-calf dress socks without abandoning the crew length socks' superior comfort.

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