Our Story


While I was working in local government, I decided that I wanted to make a difference.

My impact on society wasn’t going to happen in City Hall – I wanted it to happen right on your very feet. Every day I was struggling with droopy socks. I was constantly pulling them up, hoping nobody would notice that they just wouldn’t stay put. It was hard to look professional while still dealing with loose, unkempt socks.

I took on this challenge DIY-style and started creating prototypes of a sock that would stay up and look good all day long. After many different version and plenty of trial-and-error, I discovered the perfect balance of comfort and no-sag performance. That was the very first pair of Straight Up Socks.


By offering a product that helps guys look (and feel) better, and doing with the highest quality and best customer service possible, I think I’ve done my part to make the world a little better.