Stylish Men Dress Socks for Business Casual

In 2020, we have seen a significant rise in Work From Home(WFH), and more offices are going casual. More people are switching their business attire to the business casual look, even if it's just for the zoom meetings. Going business casual doesn't mean you'll have to look like everyone else; there are some ways to dress stylish when you're going business casual. 

 Business man wearing gray blazer and jeans

Switch up the usual color scheme 

Every other person wearing business casual is probably wearing khakis, blue or white button-ups, and brown dress shoes. So if you want to look different from them, you'll have to switch it up. Instead of kakis, try something different like gray, deep brown, or navy. Gray is a great go-to color, as it matches well with any other color. For shirts, try going brighter color contrasting it with a muted color sport coat. 

 Brown dress shoe with monk straps

Wear a different style of footwear

Take a look around your office, and you'll probably find almost everyone wearing some type of smooth blucher dress shoes. So try something different and will stand out from the rest of them. Give suede or monk straps a try. 


Dress socks for men

Wear colorful and fun dress socks

These days, dress socks for men   are arguably more important than ties because ties are now worn less often than in the past. There are now more socks designs than ever before due to the growing popularity of socks as the primary statement piece. Just as how texture, pattern, and color are important to ties, they are also important to dress socks. So why only sticking to the plain colored dress socks? Try something more colorful and create contrast with your dress socks. Your fun dress socks should grab the attention of the viewer. Make sure you get socks that stay up because having to pull your dress socks up all the time is not fun.

 Man wearing gray blzer

Wear a sport coat or blazer

Wearing a sport coat or blazer can clean up your frame and make you look slimmer and more muscular. Choose soft construction and breathable fabric for the blazer to be comfortable to wear on various occasions. 


 Business man typing on a MacBook Pro wearing a classic watch and a blazer

Bring attention to the accessories.

Certain accessories can help you make a statement with your style. Try pocket squares, belts, or watches that you usually don't wear with business casual. Maybe throw on a retro wristwatch in your outfit; their timeless classic design will match your outfit well and can be a conversation starter. It's often the little things that will stand out more than the other items. 

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